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Kindred State Bank

Savings Accounts

Student Savings Account

The Student Savings Account helps introduce students and pre-school kids start saving their funds for the future and introducing them to money management. Some of the benefits include:

Regular Savings Account

The Regular Savings Account is for the adult that has their eye on that new car or looking to add a new boat in the garage and needs to start saving toward that special purchase. Some of the benefits include:

Money Market Savings

The Money Market Savings Account requires a larger minimum balance. Some of the benefits include:

Certificate of Deposit

Certificates of Deposits (CD's) are another option for helping your money grow. They offer fixed rates for fixed terms and are a great way to earn interest from funds that won't be needed for a specific time period. Some of the benefits include:

For more information on our rates and terms, please refer to our Deposit Rates Page or Contact Us today.


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