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Kindred State Bank


Established in 1898, the Kindred State Bank has served Kindred and the surrounding community for over 120 years. It is locally owned, state chartered, full service institution.

During its 110 years, the bank has met many challenges. With prudent management, it remained open throughout the 1930's Depression, when many banks had to close their doors. It weathered two world wars; in fact John G. Ottis, seriously wounded while fighting in Normandy during 1944, returned to civilian life and became bank president.

Kindred State Bank has grown and developed in new directions, just as Kindred has. The rise of electronic banking and the need to provide new services motivated a large expansion and remodeling project during 2001 and 2002.

Now the bank has offices for the Kindred State Bank Agency, for each loan officer, for a securities sales agent, and for an attorney. Customers enjoy conveniences such as the new drive through window and debit cards.

The Kindred State Bank has been and continues to be a stable presence in the Kindred area. Descendents of two early owners, John Ottis Senior, and Max Strehlow, are still directors and stockholders, whose intention is to continue the long tradition of serving the Kindred Community.


Kindred State Bank

A Great Bank in a Great Town