Bluesteel Design and Technology has provided these online calculators for your use to help estimate and compare your periodic payments.

These calculators are for estimating purposes only.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

For an accurate estimate of what your mortgage loan repayments will be, we have provided this online calculator for our website customers to estimate your periodic payments.

Click here for use of our  Mortgage Loan Calculator  to find out how much a loan will cost you each month.

Loan Calculator

For purchase of a new car or recreational vehicle, you can estimate what your loan repayments will be. To serve our customers better we have also provided a calculator with the capability of multiple columns so you are able to compare rates and terms.

Click here for use of our  Loans Calculator  to estimate your repayments. Simply enter your loan amount and the rate you expect to be using along with the length of the term.

Savings Calculator

For investing, you want to know how your contributions will add up over a certain period of time.

Click here for use of our  Savings Calculator  to see how much you can accrue by putting aside an amount each month.


  Kindred State Bank Calculator
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